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Looking Forward

What will this year bring - carnivals, festivals, experimental dance, afropunk??!!

Silicon Harlem

Thank You to Silicion Harlem for the opportunity to participate on the Next Generation Branding Panel. Here are some key takeaways from the panel.

Design is a Teenager

Thank You to xCHANGE for the opportunity to give the keynote presentation: Design is a Teenager - The Promise of Design to Impact Business.

People to Watch Honoree

Honored to be selected as one of GDUSA's People to Watch 2015!

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Event Full

Last year was full of creative highlights in design, art, and music. Have a look at some of my highlights.

One of the great functions of art is to help us imagine what it is like to be not ourselves, what it is like to be someone or something else, what it is like to live in another skin, what it is like to live in another body, and in that sense to surpass ourselves, to go out beyond ourselves.

- Adrienne Rich

First memories, the dearest.

As a child, I was absolutely mesmerized by the vast sky and soothing breeze – it was just so wondrous and vast. My most unforgettable memories would be those of the raw and colorful landscape and sky of Trinidad. Most dear and memorable.

Some people care too much, I think it's called love.

- A.A. Milne

The Short Story

I love to create.
From seemly nothing > possibly everything.

Current Position:
Creative Director at S&P Capital IQ, part of McGraw-Hill Financial. I serve as the leader and mentor for a talented Design team and creative collaborator for the Marketing & Communications team.

Areas of Focus:
I don't like to be pigeonholed, but if you must know some key areas of expertise: Creative Direction. Graphic Design. Interaction Design. Corporate Identity.

School Days Part 1:
BFA in Studio Art & Computer Art
BA in Art History
Tufts University & The School of the Museum of Fine Arts

School Days Part 2:
Pursuing my MBA
Berlin School. See my initial impressions.

First taste of the creative industry:
Creative Intern at Young & Rubicam, NYC

First taste of programming:
Computer science 101 where I caught the coding bug and created my first website in 1999

I reside on the planet of Brooklyn, but love a trip. Next in 2015: San Fran/Bay Area, Dominican Republic, Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Jamaica???


On heavy rotation:
Have-to-groove-to-music - Classic house: Hot Music. Also love K- OS sample on Superstarr.

Most used technology:
Pocket. One day I'll catch up with all those saved articles...
Web Developer add-on when all else fails.
Evernote of course.

Meal I drool for:
Rice and peas, macaroni pie, plantain, avocado, tomato, mom’s stuffing, escovitch snapper, must have with kuchela (each in their own compartment on the plate – ok platter) with homemade limeade - brown sugar!

Top of travel bucket list:
The hotter, the better. Brazil, South Africa, Thailand, Kenya, Petite Martinique, Madagascar


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Interested in working together?
While I am updating my portfolio, I am happy to share some of my work not yet showcased. If you'd like to see more of my work, please shoot me an email or connect with me online.

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